20 Best Canon 6D Mark II Bundle Deals | March 2021

Rather than giving more importance to the image quality, the Canon 6D Mark II aims at improving the performance and speed of photography. The Canon 6D Mark II had its predecessor first released in 2012 and is still functioning pretty well without any complaints. But users have been demanding a replacement for some time now and the Canon 6D Mark II came about being able to match most of those expectations.


Being reasonably expensive than its older model, this Canon 6D Mark II is packed with improved and better features. The autofocus, ISO range, etc. have been brand new and functioning well. Even though it can be a bit pricey overall the full-frame feature and many more other features make up for it and makes it worth the purchase. This is equipped with an entry-level full-frame camera and also the appearance has a scaled structure behind the camera.


The CMOS full-frame sensor comes with a quality of 26 MP and a 3-inch fully functional touchscreen. The in-lens + digital stabilization allows you to capture images and videos of 1080p resolution. The autofocus system can recognize up to 45 points which are really great compared to the other models. The ISO is also pretty impressive as it has a range between 100 to 40,000 and it can be expanded up to 102,400 for better functionality and reduced noise in pictures.

Canon 6D Mark II BUNDLES
Canon 6D Mark II BUNDLES

Summary List of Best Canon 6D Mark II 📷 Bundle Deals:

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Canon 6D Mark II and Canon 6D

The Canon 6D Mark II was released a long time after the Canon 6D with improved performance. Let us take a look at how much developments the Canon 6D Mark II has had from its predecessor.

  • The Canon 6D Mark II has 26 MP resolution where the Canon 6D only had 20 MB in place.
  • The Canon 6D Mark II has a 1080p/60p video quality whereas the Canon 6D only had 30p.
  • The ISO range can be expanded to stunning levels in the Canon 6D Mark II.
  • The Canon 6D Mark II has 6.5 shutter flaps per second whereas the Canon 6D only had 4.5 per second speed.
  • For a single battery charge, the Canon 6D Mark II can take 1200 shots which are 110 more than what the Canon 6D could do.
  • The Canon 6D Mark II also weighs considerably lesser compared to the other old model.


  • The camera comes with a full-frame shot
  • The autofocus can detect an impressive 45 points
  • It can take 1200 shots on a single full charge
  • The camera offers excellent graphic quality
  • The ISO range is also pretty wide and awesome


  • No 4K resolution-enabled feature
  • Does not have a built-in flash
  • There is no USB port for connectivity
  • The autofocus covers only a small area

The Canon 6D Mark II is quite impressive and developed when compared with all its older models. Although t is not as good as the more professional ones out there, you can have this at a reasonable price in the market.

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