20 Best Canon 80D Bundle Deals | March 2021

The Canon 80D camera is a responsive camera and is best for doing videography. The camera is easy to use, connect, and easy to share the images with other devices. It can capture videos or images even in low light. The autofocus system available in the camera will capture sharp and good images. The camera is ideal for capturing sports, streets, travel, wildlife, etc. The camera is flexible with customizable controls and can adjust to the users’ preferences. It can capture images or videos from different angles and has an intelligent viewfinder. The audio of the camera is also great and the user can share the videos or images with other devices wirelessly.


The Canon 80D is a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor camera. The camera has a high resolution that will help it to capture grain-free images even at low light and also enables image cropping. It captures videos at full Hd and its autofocus is fast and accurate. The camera has built-in WI-FI, NFC, and Bluetooth features. The camera has an EF-S mount and is compatible with EF and EF-S lenses. The camera supports RAW and JPEG and also has an image stabilization feature. It has an optical viewfinder and the file format supported by the camera is MP4 and MOV.


The Canon 80D is an APS-C CMOS sensor camera with 24.2-megapixel. The ISO of the camera ranges from 100-16000 delivers grain-free images even in low light. The camera also has a DIGIC 6 image processor and 45-points  autofocus that is fast and accurate. The camera can take videos at full HD with fully manual control. It has built-in WI-FI, NFC, and Bluetooth that kets the user to transfer images to other devices. It offers a continuous shoot that is 7 frames per second and weather-resistant body. The camera also has a 3-inch articulating touchscreen display and can take videos at 1080pixels or 60 pixels. It has an intelligent viewfinder and the quality of the audio is also great. It can shoot from various angles continuously using dual pixel CMOS autofocus at 5 frames per second.


Summary List of Best Canon 80D 📷 Bundle Deals:

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Canon 80D and Canon 70D

The Canon 70D is the predecessor of Canon 80D.

  • The 80D has higher megapixels than the 70D that is 24mp vs 20mp
  • The 80D can shot at 1080p at 60 frames per second whereas the 70d can shot at 1080p at 30 frames per second
  • The 80D can take 960 shots at single charge whereas the 70D can take 920 shots only
  • The 80D weighs less than the 70D


  • Simple menu system
  • Sharp LCD with good colors
  • High-quality images, videos, and lens
  • Dual-pixel sensor
  • Fast and accurate autofocus and works in low light also
  • Strong body with advanced features


  • Single card slot
  • Loss in the subject while the autofocus tracks
  • No 4K videos
  • No tap to focus using WI-FI remote

The Canon 80D is a well-built camera with advanced features that deliver sharp and good quality images and videos even in low light. The camera is enough for the users.

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