10 Best Canon Rebel T3i Bundle Deals | March 2021

The Canon Rebel T3i provides a good value for your money with an upgraded LED display feature. This model is very cheap to afford and has a good body you can handle pretty well. The features packed in this T3i may be the same as that of T21 with some extra features, the little extra money than its predecessor is totally worth it.


The noise levels are the same as that in T2i the images are said to look very reasonably good. You have to expand the ISO for a fast photography and shutter speed. Both bright conditions and some dark situations can be captured detailed in the frame with the quality of the camera given. This can be categorized as an intermediate-level camera and be used by people moving on to the next stage.


This Canon model has a flexible screen design which is also packed with 1 million pixels resolution leading to viewing all your images in good quality. You can access your image even from different angles as you can always rotate the screen accordingly. The EF-S lenses you can use here are 60 different ones and it has an auto pop up flash for convenience. The optical viewfinder even though it does not offer full coverage tries to capture as much as 95% of the scene. There is a four-way controller having options on each control with autofocus, style, self-timer, and white balance so that operating them from one place is better.


Summary List of Best Canon T3i 📷 Bundle Deals:

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Canon Rebel T3i and T2i

The Canon Rebel T2i is the predecessor to the Canon Rebel T3i and has many features that both differ in. Let us take a look at those below:

  • The Canon Rebel T3i is slightly bigger than the Canon Rebel T2i
  • It also weighs a bit more than Canon Rebel T2i
  • There is an LCD monitor that can be flipped in the Canon Rebel T3i whereas the Canon Rebel T2i lacks in this feature.
  • The Canon Rebel T3i can only take 30 frames per second but the Canon Rebel T2i can go up t 60 frames per second speed.
  • The startup delay is reduced for the Canon Rebel T3i.
  • You can also zoom digitally in the Canon Rebel T3i, unlike the Canon Rebel T2i.


  • The flexible screen offers mobility for shots
  • There is less time to start up
  • Digital zooming is allowed
  • You can use 60 different lenses
  • A 3-inch vari-angle LCD screen
  • Full HD video shooting enabled at 30 fps


  • Burst disabled in A+ auto
  • Gets heated up quick while using inside
  • The autofocus is hard to grasp

This Canon Rebel T3i is a camera with an intermediate grade in classification as it includes manual and automatic features. Some people may find the lack of automatic features burdensome, which clearly indicates this is not a camera for beginners. It is also quite affordable and also gives you quite a good video quality with the 1080p resolution. This might be your next step as a developing photographer.

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