10 Best Canon SL2 Bundle Deals | March 2021

The Canon SL2 is mostly suited for beginners as you can work on it very smoothly to get used to all the commands and buttons. This model has a DIGIC 7 image processor and also offers great image quality and better performance than the previous models by this brand. Being a camera without mirrors the features that may have a drawback are easily compensated by the ease of use of this model.


This product was released in 2017 and different from the other models, this has been redesigned on a detailed level to impart more features and qualities fit to improve your usage of it. There is also a vari-angle touchscreen for the digital display on the camera and being small it is also pretty handy. 


The camera comes with an APS-C sensor with 24.2 MP resolution providing quality imaging. It is lightweight and compact enough to carry around and hence the camera can be really handy and hustle free. The autofocus system with Optical viewfinder having 9 focus points may be a bit less comparatively but can be made up for with the great resolution and picture quality it offers. Having a shooting speed of 5 frames per second you can also record videos with a rate of 60 frames per second precisely. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wifi, and NFC and the ISO can range between 100 to 25,600 which is expandable up to 51,200 enabling low grains and noise. The DIGIC 7 image processor makes sure that you can shoot all your photos and videos at faster speeds and with less blurring effects.


Summary List of Best Canon SL2 📷 Bundle Deals:

Canon SL1 and Canon SL2

The canon SL1 came before the Canon SL2 and even though it is larger than SL1 it is still pretty compact and handheld. Here are some of the features that differ between the two:

  • The SL2 has a smoother appearance than the SL1
  • Top of the SL2 includes many changes in the power button, display button, and dials, etc.
  • For the SL2 unlike the SL1 an extra WiFi button is added to the top dials for ease of access
  • The SL2 offers a better grip than the SL1
  • SL2 has a higher resolution than the SL1


  • It can take high-resolution pictures
  • It has improved ergonomics for the model
  • The camera has a compact body for being handy
  • It is beginner-friendly
  • 60p HD quality videos can be shot with good quality
  • Good connectivity options are inbuilt and work well


  • The RAW files offer a shallow buffer depth only
  • There are only 9 autofocus points which are quite less
  • There is no option for 4K resolution display or photography
  • The ISO range is small

The Canon SL2 is the perfect fit for beginners to ease into the world of photography as all the necessary functions will be automatically taken care of while shooting a photo or a video. Being small and compact you can also easily carry these around facing fewer problems.

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