10 Best Nikon D3500 Bundle Deals | March 2021

The Nikon D3500 is an alluring camera for beginner photographers. It has a compact design, comfortable ergonomics, fast single-shot autofocus, and excellent image quality. The camera is lightweight, comfortable, and is also a guide for the beginners.


The Nikon D3500 is an entry-level 24.2-megapixel DX-format camera. It has an APS-C CMOS sensor which is cheaper, lighter and also has excellent battery life. It is an extended version of the Nikon D3400 with some advanced features. It is designed in a form that helps to teach you how to shoot in various situations. In other words, it is like a guide that helps while shooting. The Nikon D3500 is a starter camera from Nikon which has various features such as lightweight, compact, and very affordable. It doesn’t have an anti-alias filter. The sensor present in this camera offers good performance and better quality.  It also offers sharpness and a lot of detail to the photos or videos even at low ISO values. The Nikon D3500 is a better camera for the beginners since it offers the guide mode. It helps


The Nikon D3500  is a 24.2-megapixel camera with CMOS sensor.  It is a DSLR that is easy to use as a pint and shoot camera. It expeeds 4 image processor. The camera is compact, comfortable, and is good for travel and for special events. The image sensor is 15x larger than those present in smartphones. It offers sharper and clears pictures. It also has active D-lighting, which can record full HD and HD videos up to 60 frames. It can shoot continuously for 5 frames per second. Its ISO sensitivity is from 100 to 25600. It has an 11-point, 3D tracking multi-camera with the autofocus sensor module, 3D color matrix metering, which is compatible only with type G and E lenses. It has Bluetooth connectivity but no WIFI and is also compatible with Nikon’s snap bridge. The battery is rated for 1550 shots per charge.

Nikon D3500 BUNDLES
Nikon D3500 BUNDLES

Summary List of Best Nikon D3500 📷 Bundle Deals:

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2 new from $699.00
1 used from $1,099.00
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2 new from $899.00
1 used from $879.00
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4 new from $599.99
11 used from $519.99
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Nikon D3500 and Nikon D3400

The Nikon D3500 is an extended version of Nikon D3400. There are only some features that make them different. They are:

  • The Nikon D3500 is 45g lighter than the Nikon D3400
  • The D3500 can take 1500 shots while the D3400 can take only 1200 shots. Therefore, the battery life of D3500 is longer than the other
  • Improved deeper grip
  • New button layout


  • It has an excellent image quality for its class
  • High ISO performance for APS-C, the autofocus is fast and accurate
  • It has a comfortable grip, its body is well-designed and is user-friendly
  • It offers excellent print quality and is cheap
  • Low shutter lag and excellent battery life
  • Good burst speed for an entry-level DSLR


  • The camera has below average accuracy from its optical viewfinder
  • It has a dynamic range which is not quite good
  • It doesn’t have a touchscreen or tilting display
  • This has limited wireless features

The Nikon D3500 is a very good camera, especially for the beginners. The quality, price, design, and weight of the camera is also good. It is also a guide that teaches you how to shoot a picture. The camera is compact, durable, and versatile and is also ideal during traveling or for any other festival season. It is also compatible with smartphones making it easier to share the pictures.

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